What Goes On Inside of A Placement Cell? Not for the faint hearted

Let’s be serious here, we’re sure you’d have heard the hustle-bustle leaking from the inside of a university’s placement cell but if you listen closely, you could also hear the near-silent cries of distress! And just when you thought you had it hard, imagine having to collaborate with companies, assuring […]

DO’s and DON’Ts of a Professional Profile Picture!

A picture speaks a thousand words! And what exactly would you want your picture to tell an interviewer about you? They would not want to know how you live, or what is the color of your cupboard or your bed-sheet. All they would want to know is whether you are suitable enough to be […]

Custom questions in Job Profile!

How many times have you found yourself in a dilemma as to what Location to enter while creating a Job Profile on Tnpsuite because the company is recruiting for multiple locations? Or may be, the same company is recruiting for multiple Job Roles at the same time. Happens quite a […]

Edit Published Shortlist

While we know how busy our users are due to placements, we also understand that sometimes, this rush might lead to mistakes and errors. One of the most common mistakes (though it can not be blamed on anybody) is publishing incorrect shortlist. So now, we have come up with a […]

Introducing the Tnpsuite Mobile App for Android and iOS

The Tnpsuite Mobile App is here! While we understand that you have been waiting for this to happen for sometime now, we would like to tell you that it has taken us time only so that you could have the best. We are excited to announce the launch of our Tnpsuite app […]

Mobile Number and Email ID verification!

Are you not receiving emails and SMS from Tnpsuite regarding your placements? This is because your Mobile Number and Email ID is not verified with us (of course, assuming you have provided the correct information). To verify your Mobile Number with Tnpsuite, please follow the steps mentioned below: Go to […]

Student Profile

The Students’ profile in Tnpsuite consists of almost all the details that might be important during a placement process. However, if you feel there is something missing, you can add it on the system as per your requirement. The student details captured in Tnpsuite are as follows: College Name: The name […]

Introducing All-New Dashboards!

Login to the app. What do you see? Something has changed, isn’t it? Yes, the Dashboard is optimized, changed for better. You can now put filters on batches, placement cycles, colleges and cohorts on the Dashboard of the app. Drill down to the branch or course and see filtered placement […]

Generate your Resumé!

Creating a Resumé is as difficult as preparing for an interview. Now, preparing for an interview is something that will have to be your sole effort, but Resumé… Don’t worry, we got your back here! Generating a ready-made resumé is just a click away on Tnpsuite app. On your profile, […]

Login to tnpsuite using Google, Facebook or LinkedIn

Is your tnpsuite login Email ID same as the one for your Social Media accounts? Well, in that case, logging in to tnpsuite account has just been made easier for you! Open the app in your browser and you’re one click away from logging in to tnpsuite account. Go to app.tnpsuite.com […]