Eligibility Criterion

Computer Science and Engineering students from semester 7 who have atleast 60% attendance in training and 55% attendance in class, have scored 90% marks in 10th and 80% in 12th, do not have backlogs and are not placed in the companies offering 6 Lakhs or more per annum are eligible for the next Recruitment Drive.

Wait! What??

Most complex of the eligibility criteria combinations can be applied easily on a Job Profile in Tnpsuite.

  1. Applicable Courses: Select only those departments whose students can attend the drive.
    While creating a Job Profile, you will find an option to select the applicable courses. Click on Edit and you will find a list of all the courses from where you can select the ones eligible for the Job Profile. Click on Save after the selection is done.
  2. Eligibility Criteria: Apply different criteria on the basis of previous educational records.
    You can apply different conditions on the eligibility of students for a Job Profile on the basis of their academic performance in previous education.
  3. Others: Set criteria based on attendance, gender, backlogs and resume prerequisite.
    You can apply other eligibility criteria as well on the basis of the students’ attendance in Training as well as classes, on the basis of Gender, or as per the number of backlogs students have. Click on Save after setting each criterion.
  4. Inclusions: Include students placed in a particular Job Profile.
    Imagine a situation where some students placed in another company are ineligible for another offer as per the Placement Policy. The company in which they were placed has cancelled the recruitment. Now, you can include these students in the Job Profile explicitly by the option Inclusions. Click on Edit to add Job Profiles. You can add multiple Job Profiles in Inclusions. Once the Job Profile(s) is selected, click on Save.
  5. Exclusions: Exclude students placed in a particular Job Profile.
    Suppose a company earlier offering a package of Rs.4,00,000/- per annum has increased the offer to Rs.5,50,000/- per annum after recruiting a few students. Now, due to this, the students who were earlier eligible for the companies offering more than Rs.5,00,000/- (Dream) should ideally not be eligible as they already have a dream offer. In this case, you can select that particular Job Profile under Exclusions option and thus the ineligible students will not be allowed to apply for the same.