Excel Templates

Consider a Scenario:

A Company visiting the campus needs the applicants’ data in this format: “First Name, Last Name, University Roll number, Mobile number, Email ID”. Another Company visiting the Campus needs this data in a different format: “Name, Roll number, Mobile Number”. ‘n’ companies visit campus and need the data in ‘n’ formats.

Now, a normal user would start with the tiring work of entering this data into sheets. But what would a smart Tnpsuite user do? Well, he would just navigate to the Excel Template tab in the side navigation bar of the app and would add a template with the data fields required by a company.

Adding a template:

  1. Go to Excel Template tab in the side navigation bar and click on +Add Template. Add a name to the template and click on +Create.
  2. Once the template is created, you will be required to add the fields to it. Add the fields from the drop down and click on Save Template once it is done.
  3. Now, whenever you require to export data for a placement process you can select Custom Template option and select the suitable template. Data will be exported in the exact same format.

  4. Click on Download as Excel File once the template is selected.