Joining Tnpsuite

There are 3 steps to register for placements on Tnpsuite:

  1. Register on Tnpsuite
  2. Make your Profile
  3. Enroll to Placement Process
    • Using Invitation Link
      1. In the invitation email, sent by your college, click on the Link provided to register.
      2. Enter all the Personal details required like First and Last Name, Mobile number, category, gender and set the Password.
      3. Click on Next after filling out the form and you will be redirected to the About and Academic section. Enter the CURRENT academic course details here.
      4. Click on Next after filling out the details. You will be redirected to the next page where in you will have to confirm the submission.
      5. Go to and enter the email ID and password set in the above step. And complete your profile by following the steps mentioned below.
    • Using College Passphrase
      1. Go to and click on Sign Up.
      2. You will be required to enter a College Passphrase on the next page which will be given to you by your college. Click on Next after entering the passphrase. On the next page, select the name of your college from the drop down and click on Next.
      3. Next, fill in the About and Academic details carefully. Make sure to click on Next button at the end of each page.
      4. On the third page of registration, you will be able to see license agreement. Below the agreement will be an option to confirm the email ID. You can change the email ID if you wish to, here.
      5. Click on Register. And complete your profile by following the steps mentioned below.
    After clicking on Register, you will be redirected to the Home Page of your Tnpsuite Profile. On the page, you will find Complete your Profile written on the top, below which will be the steps to to complete the Profile and Enroll to a placement. You can also click on My Profile on the top navigation bar.

    1. Click on Profile from the left panel and write a small summary about yourself. Update your Profile Picture.

    2. Click on the next section, which is, About, and add your details. You can edit some of the details entered while registering like birthday etc. Make sure to verify your mobile number to receive SMS notifications.

    3. Next, go to the Education section and fill in the details of your previous courses. You can edit the details of your current course as well. And can attach certificates and marksheets along with the details.

    4. The next section is for Internships and Work Experience where in you can add the details of your prior job experiences. Click on +Add new Experience to add.

    5. The next step is to add Technical Skills. Click on +Add Technical Skill to add a new skill.
    6. Click on Positions of Responsibilities which is the next section. Click on +Positions of Responsibilities to add a new position.

    7. The next section is Projects where you can write about the projects that you have worked for. Click on +Add Project to add a new Project.

    8. Click on the next section which is Subjects. You can add the courses you have undertaken till date.
    9. The next section is to add the languages you know about along with the level of proficiency you have on it. Click on +Add Communication Language to add a new language.

    10. The next section is Accomplishments which consists of certain sub-sections:
      1. Awards and Recognition: Click on +Add Awards/Recognition to add. You can add the details of awards you have won in school and college.
      2. Certifications: Click on +Add Certifications to add new certification. You can add details of the certifications you have received in various fields.
      3. Competitions: You can add the details of Competitions that you have taken part/won in. Click on +Add Competition to add.
      4. Conferences and Workshops: Add the details of conferences and workshops attended. Click on +Conferences and Workshops to add.
      5. Test Scores: Next, you can add the scores of exams you might have appeared for, like GATE, CAT etc. Click on +Add Test Score to add a new score.
      6. Patents: You can add details of Patents in this section. Click on +Add Patent to add new detail.
      7. Publications: Add details of publications that you have been a part of. Click on +Add Publication to add a new publication.
      8. Scholarships: Add details about Scholarships you have received. Click on +Add Scholarship to add.
    11. The next section is Volunteer Experience. Click on +Add Volunteer Experience to add.
    12. In the next section, you can add your interests and hobbies. Click on +Add Extra Curricular Activity.

    13. Next section is to upload Resumes. You can add multiple Resume and mark one as primary, which will be the default resume for you. Click on +Add Resume to add a new resume.

    1. The final section is for enrollment to Placements. You will be notified via emails and app notifications whenever there is a new placement to be enrolled to. Click on Enroll and start receiving updates about companies visiting your campus.

      Note: If you do not see any Placement Cycles opened for you, you need not enroll!