Login to tnpsuite using Google, Facebook or LinkedIn

Is your tnpsuite login Email ID same as the one for your Social Media accounts? Well, in that case, logging in to tnpsuite account has just been made easier for you! Open the app in your browser and you’re one click away from logging in to tnpsuite account.
  1. Go to app.tnpsuite.com in your browser and click on the Social Media platform using which you wish to login to your tnpsuite account. You can use any of the three available options.

You can login using multiple accounts also.

Using another email ID?
  1. Login to the app using tnpsuite credentials and go to the Account option available on the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select the Social Media account you wish to connect with your tnpsuite account (you can add multiple accounts).
  3. Login using the Social Media accounts connected with your tnpsuite account.
Note:- To add multiple accounts of a single Social Media platform, for example multiple Google accounts, please make sure that you are not logged in to the account already connected to tnpsuite in the same device.