Student Profile

The Students’ profile in Tnpsuite consists of almost all the details that might be important during a placement process. However, if you feel there is something missing, you can add it on the system as per your requirement.

The student details captured in Tnpsuite are as follows:

  1. College Name: The name of college is selected during registration itself.
  2. About:
    These are the personal details that the student enters. The fields included here are:

    1. Roll Number.
    2. Profile Picture.
    3. Date of Birth.
    4. Gender.
    5. Category (Reservation).
    6. Mobile Number.
    7. Email ID.
    8. Address (Current & Permanent).
    9. Career Plans: Student will get an option to choose if he wishes to take part in the placement process or he has other plans.
  3. Education:
    This will include a student’s current as well as previous course details.

    1. Current Education:
      Student will be required to enter the details based on the current course he is pursuing.

      1. Course (Department):
        Student will select from the list of courses, the course to which he is enrolled.
      2. Batch:
        Student selects the year in which he will complete his current degree as the batch.
      3. Duration of Course:
        Students will be required to enter the month and year of their admission as well as graduation of the current course.
      4. Current Semester:
        Students will enter the current semester of their degree in this field.
      5. Aggregate Score:
        Aggregate Score obtained in the degree till the current semester will be entered here.
      6. Semester-wise Score:
        Students will be required to enter the Score obtained by them in every semester till the current semester.
      7. Marksheets:
        Students can upload their marksheets for each semester on Tnpsuite.
    2.  Previous Education:
      Students will also be required to enter the details of their previous education. They can select the Program/ Degree/ Certificate Type from the drop down that appears after clicking on Add Education.
      Fields to enter (a) Name of School/Institution, (b) University/Board of Education, (c) Duration of course (Start year and End year),  (d) Marks Obtained, (e) Marksheets.

      1. Class 10th details (School Name, Board, Start-End Year, Marks Obtained, Marksheets)
      2. Class 12th details (Same as above)
      3. Diploma Details, if any (Same as above)
      4. Details of Undergraduate Degree, if any (Same as above)
  4. Internships and Work Experience:
    Students can add the details of internships and/or work experience if they have any. They will be required to fill in the following details about this:

    1. Name of Company.
    2. Job Title.
    3. Location.
    4. Position Type.
    5. Duration of Work.
    6. Monthly Salary/Stipend.
    7. Details regarding their job role.
  5. Resume:
    Students can upload their Resume in PDF format on Tnpsuite. Multiple Resume can be uploaded and used depending upon the students preference for each Job Profile he is applying for.
  6. Technical Skills:
    Students can add multiple skills under this. The fields consist of

    1. Name of Skill,
    2. Proficiency of the Student in it.
  7. Positions of Responsibility:
    Students with positions like “Head Coordinator for College Fest” or “Manager of a College Club” can add the details here. The fields will include:

    1. Title of Position.
    2. Organization.
    3. Start and End Date.
    4. Description about the Role.
  8. Projects:
    Students can add the details of the projects that they have worked on here. The fields will include:

    1. Title of Project.
    2. Project Domain.
    3. Start and End Date.
    4. Organization with which the project is associated.
    5. Brief description about the project.
  9. Subjects:
    This field is meant to add the training or courses that the students might have taken. For example, a student who has done a course for Java or Robotics or say, Ethical Hacking can add its details here. The fields will include:

    1. Name of Subject.
    2. Institute with which it is associated.
  10. Communication Languages:
    Students can add the languages known to them here. Fields will include:

    1. Language.
    2. Proficiency.
  11. Accomplishments:
    1. Awards / Recognition:
      If a student is recognized by one the institutions he has been a part of. For example, a student has been given an award by the college for his work in the field of Art and Culture, he can mention the details of this award here. Fields included will be:

      1. Title of Award.
      2. Issuer/Organizer of Award.
      3. Issue Date.
      4. Organization with which it is associated.
      5. Brief description about the competition.
    2. Certifications:
      Student who has undergone certification course can add its details under this heading. Fields included here are:

      1. Name of Certification Course.
      2. Issuing Authority.
      3. Certification URL.
      4. License Number.
    3. Conferences and Workshops:
      Students can add the details of Workshops and Conferences attended by them. Fields included here would be:

      1. Title of Workshop/Conference.
      2. Organizer.
      3. Event Date.
      4. Address.
      5. Description of the event.
    4. Test Scores:
      Students can add the details of tests like CAT or GATE under this column. Fields included are:

      1. Title.
      2. Score/Percentile/Rank.
      3. Exam Date.
      4. Description.
    5. Competitions:
      Students who have won competitions can add its details in this column. For example , if a student has represented his college at National Level for Sports, he can add the same here. Fields included would be:

      1. Title of Competition.
      2. Position secured.
      3. Competition Date.
      4. Organization with which the competition is associated.
      5. Description of competition.
    6. Patents:
      If a student has filed patent he can add its details here. Fields included here would be:

      1. Title.
      2. Patent Office.
      3. Application Number.
      4. Status of Patent.
      5. Filing Date.
      6. Description.
    7. Publications:
      If a student has published his work in a paper, he can add its details. The fields included are:

      1. Title.
      2. Publisher.
      3. Publication Date.
      4. Publication URL.
      5. Description.
    8. Scholarships:
      Students who have received Scholarships can mention its details. Fields included are:

      1. Title.
      2. Grant Date.
      3. Description.
      4. Organization with which it is associated.
  12. Volunteer Experience:
    Students who have volunteering experience can add their experiences. Fields included here are:

    1. Organization.
    2. Role.
    3. Cause.
    4. Start and End date.
    5. Brief Description.
  13. Extra Curricular Activities:
    Students can add their interests and hobbies here. Fields included here would be:

    1. Category.
    2. Brief Description.
  14. Resume Generation:
    Students can generate a Resume from their Tnpsuite profile itself. The contents of this Resume will be automatically positioned as per the relevance of the sector of the company.