Edit Published Shortlist

While we know how busy our users are due to placements, we also understand that sometimes, this rush might lead to mistakes and errors. One of the most common mistakes (though it can not be blamed on anybody) is publishing incorrect shortlist.

So now, we have come up with a permanent solution to this problem!

You (Account Admin/ Job Profile Collaborators) can edit the shortlists of various rounds even after its completion.

You can view the option to edit shortlist on the top right corner of Progress Grid.


Let us walk you through the feature functionality:

  1. Go to Placements tab and select the respective Placement Cycle and Job Profile whose shortlist you wish to edit.
  2. Click on “View Progress Grid” under Summary (Below the list of collaborators).
  3. You will see the progress of applicants through the process on the next page. On the top right corner of the same page, you will find a button to enter into Shortlist Edit Mode (as shown in the first image).
  4. Here, you will be able to see the applicants and the Stages of Job Profile in a grid, with an edit option against the name of every applicant.
  5. You can choose to add or removeĀ an applicant from a shortlist using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons against their name under each Stage column.
  6. You can choose to notify the student regarding the changes made in shortlist.

Note:- You can edit shortlist for only one student at a time.