Custom questions in Job Profile!

How many times have you found yourself in a dilemma as to what Location to enter while creating a Job Profile on Tnpsuite because the company is recruiting for multiple locations? Or may be, the same company is recruiting for multiple Job Roles at the same time. Happens quite a lot, does it?

Well, problem’s solved!

You can now add Custom Questions to a job profile. Let me show you how.

  1. Add a Job Profile and complete the creation process.
  2. Within the Job Profile, on the left panel, click on Additional Questions.
  3. You will be scrolled to the respective section. Click on +Add Question.
  4. Write the question in the field provided and select the answer type from the drop down.
    1. If you have selected answer type as Text Field:
      Question will be displayed in students’ profile with a text box where students can type the answer.
    2. If you have selected Multiple Choice- Single Answer:
      You will be able to see an extra field appearing below this field, which would require you to add answer choices. Students will have to select one of the options provided to them while applying to the Job Profile.
    3. If you have selected Multiple Choice- Multiple Answers:
      This would be useful for the questions for which students might have multiple answers. For example, preferred locations.
    4. If you have selected Checkbox- Yes/No Answers:
      Students will be shown checkboxes to answer in simple Yes or No type. For example, Do you have a vehicle?
    5. If you have selected Date:
      If the company wants to know tentative dates by which the applicants can join the organisation, you can use this option.
  5. You can mark the questions as mandatory depending on your requirement.
  6. You can write a Help Text for better understanding of question to students.
  7. The responses can be viewed in the applicant list and by downloading it in default template.

Note:- You will be allowed to add or delete questions only when there are no applicants. Questions will be frozen as soon as a student applies to the job profile.