What Goes On Inside of A Placement Cell? Not for the faint hearted

Let’s be serious here, we’re sure you’d have heard the hustle-bustle leaking from the inside of a university’s placement cell but if you listen closely, you could also hear the near-silent cries of distress! And just when you thought you had it hard, imagine having to collaborate with companies, assuring them of skilled students who are worthy of working with them while trying to be certain the said-students don’t play spoilsport. Oh and not to forget keeping the University’s top committee happy. Quite a vein-popping job, no? Want to know more about what goes on in a day in the life of a placement cell personnel during placement season? Keep reading.

When the season is deemed open, the recruiters from small, big and bigger firms need to be made aware. So, our dear ol’ personnel, let’s call her Gauri sends invitations to them via the internet. After countless hours and days of trying to get in touch with the HRs of the many reputed companies, the mailbox finally chimes with good news!

But before she could entertain the idea of heaving a sigh, the real nightmare begins to take a solid shape. It is now the dreaded day (D-Day?). The day she’d need to collect every detail …ahem… every correct detail of every student who’s hoping to get their careers jump-started. Of course, this would easily take a week and will be nothing short of messy.

The Good News and The Bad News

The first thing she’d need to do is let the students know of the company coming to fish! And in this day and age ruled by the wonderful thing called the Internet, the mails are sent to the students, most likely via students’ group email address, carrying the good news and requesting them to send in their details maybe through a form, but the mail also holds the information of the dreaded eligibility criteria to enroll for this particular interview process.


And there goes the mailbox chiming like an angry roommate locked out in the rain. The students’ forms with their details are now here. There’s at least a 75 % chance that one in five students have snuck in their details knowing fully well they aren’t eligible. Little do they know that this makes our poor ol’ Gauri’s job, a wee bit harder. Validating takes up a good chunk of time and along with having to extract all the details from maybe ~300 students’ forms onto a single document for review and then the résumés?… Whew.

Sorting… Again

Once the document with the candidates’ information has been sent to the HR. The company’s own shortlisting begins and finally The HR’s mail knocks on Gauri’s mailbox again. Unfortunately, the new list has the names but neither the college ID nor roll numbers, so it could be the Gayathri from the Computer Science department or the Gayathri from the Electronics department. And so, Gauri puts on her less-cooler version of the sorting hat and gets back to work.

Eventually, Gauri puts her list together and holds it down while cross checking every detail, and letting the shortlisted students know, via mail or SMS or Whatsapp. And it doesn’t end until all of the eligible students are placed. It’s hard to ignore the incredible amount of work done manually, like typing out an email, sorting out the list, pitching the students’ list to the company and making sure she doesn’t lose her mind. Even though Gauri is a sharp worker, there are chances of minute errors that could cost a lot.

Like Gauri many placement cell personnel spend their days and nights during placement season in hell, with only their aforementioned cries of distress for company, and we heard them. And that’s how SUPERSET was born.

India is estimated to have the largest student population by 2025 and with that, the number of students graduating grows exponentially each year. It is an absolute necessity to have the smartest solution to automate a bunch of things or ideally: All of it.

This crisp software is streamlined, smart and does exactly what it promises and a whole lot more. While Gauri had to literally type out a mail to every respective HR of various companies, Superset can contact them all at once with a template mail which can be customised. And every wing of Superset is customizable making it thoroughly user-friendly and university specific.

It can even mail the students, create a form and flush out the uneligible in a blink. It’s smart enough to set and maintain a deadline while keeping the students updated with texts, emails or calls. What’s more it knows exactly who’s who and perfectly sorts them into the desired file all set and ready to go, with zero errors. Superset basically dons its cape and swings into action to make life so much easier!

A whole week’s work is turned into a couple of mouse clicks and few clickety-clacks of the keyboard and voilà! Everyone is happy and Gauri would never need therapy.