Mailing a recruiter? Be the Alpha in the pack!

Recruiters receive hundreds of mails each day and sifting through them takes tremendous patience, a huge chunk of time and a magic wand, which they wish they had. Therefore, you can’t blame them if they don’t write back or assign it to somebody else (who would most likely ignore it too). A study revealed that most recruiters discard at least 25% of the invitations received for campus placements. Which is quite a huge number. Most of us know that we belong with the tech giants whose shining logos make you wear sunglasses each time and also with the cool, fresh startups that are doing everything they can to make a mark. But the only thing standing in our way is getting them to notice us.

So, how do you get noticed in the giant companies’ radar? It’s actually simpler than you’d think. We already know they get a billion mails each week and their patience wears thin by the time they read the fifth mail inviting them for a recruitment drive, the only way to get them interested is by being fresh, original and the most importantly: short.

It’s perfectly okay to keep it short. Really.  Check out a few more tips on how to draft an acceptable mail:

  • Be specific
    Introduce yourself, establish a personal connection by figuring out exactly who you’re going to mail (it’s a quick Google or a LinkedIn search) and elaborate enough about the university highlighting its most recent achievements. The content needs to be well-thought and simple so that you and your university appear impressive and not boisterous.
  • Do your research
    More often than not, we forget the basic idea that’s always taught to our students: research. Always research the company you’re mailing to. And by research we mean the accomplishments and not their founders’ last names and her pet dog’s first name. It is scintillating to let them know you are aware of their company’s values, prospects and goals, with this you can be specific about how your student graduates can help them achieve the said-missions.
  • How this can be a Win-Win
    You have something they want and you know it. The best way to let them know is to put it out there on the mail itself. A JAVA certified engineer or a RED HAT specialist studying in your academy is definitely worthy of being mentioned. The recruiter’s eyes are sharp and they’d catch these words easy and what’s more they’d even consider scaling up the candidate list based on the aforementioned talents! It’s a solid win-win!

Keeping these in mind, the mail would go something close to this:

***Start Of Mail***

Dear Kiran,

It is absolutely delightful to be reaching out to “company name” as I am a big fan of your recent achievements in the “some important” sector. We’ve been watching you scale up to a thriving company from a startup these past few years and are quite impressed.

We are one of the largest constituent college of University of <Name> and we offer excellent courses in the field of engineering and science. You can check out more about our university here <hyperlink>

I recently came across your requirement for a Microsoft Windows Server Administrator and we are excited to let you know that we have 25 Microsoft Windows Server 2019 certified students currently studying with us in their final year of engineering. We also hold a number of students holding certifications from Red Hat and interned with <big company name> for their final year projects.

We from would love to invite you to our college on the 31st of this month for our campus placement drive<Name> to consider recruiting our brightest minds who I am sure will be able to excel in your company and uphold the values. Please don’t hesitate to call back for any questions.

Thank you,


Placement Cell Of <Name of university>

<phone number>

***End of (Awesome) Mail***

As you can see, the mail is crisp, solid and conveys whatever needs to be, in good will. There is no unnecessary information that makes it really long and honestly, really boring. There are many other things that you must never do when mailing a recruiter. Imagine yourself as a recruiter and you come across this kind of mail from a placement cell.

It will no doubt, quickly catch your eye. Mainly because it’s short and it also lets you know they took their time to look into the company with interest.

Plus, it narrows down to what you’re looking for and makes you aware of the other students’ talent which may be required as well.

It’s a smooth process and if you’ve familiarised with the Superset’s template generator, the mailing process gets a whole lot smoother and well, you can be sure it’s not just another boring, unoriginal spam sent to many people.