Mailing a recruiter? Don’t be a sheep!

A university placement cell sometimes gets a bad rap, and that’s not cool at all. It is not uncommon knowledge that the placement cell (of any college for that matter) has been trying everything it can to get innovative, smart -and cool- companies to pick the best and brightest. Naturally, the placement cell is tired, nervous and jittery, more so because at any moment the students or the management is going to rain down upon them for not bringing in companies.

We get it. It’s a scary situation to be in.

But you know what’s scarier? Doing the same unproven method each year to bring in recruiters and mostly attracting the slightly lesser-known companies for an unrelated skillset.

It can get pretty annoying, don’t you think?

The intended hard work is prevalent but it is crucial -apologies for the cliché- to work smarter. For example, most e-mails from the placement cell goes like this:

***Start Of Mail***

Dear Recruiter,

It is indeed with great pleasure we cordially invite your esteemed organization to participate in our campus placement program to consider students graduating in June/July <Year>.

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce “college name” set up with a clear mission to pursue excellence in field of education and to adhere to the highest standards of academic rigor in all its work.

As a part of our continuous strives to bring the top companies to the college premises, We would like to request you to consider the possibilities of conducting your recruitment drive for B.Tech ( CS/IT, EC, EE, EIC, Mechanical, Electrical ), B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA and Polytechnic diploma (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Automobile) 2018 Batch. We want to join hands with your esteemed organization and help our students to achieve a better career in your company. We will provide you quality entrant from required branches.

To begin with, I would give a brief introduction of our college, “college name” Group of institutes established by “some” Group, is a pioneer in technical education in “City” since 1998. “College name” has premier Colleges, which are affiliated to the “City” Technical University and “Some important University” and approved by AICTE and the Government. Till the date more than 2000 students have passed and are successfully placed in the esteemed corporate world from the various colleges. At present we are the largest and premier education institution in the state. The infrastructure of our college is one of the best. We have good number of meritorious students and may prove asset to your company.

The institute is imparting education in the various courses with no. of students as available apart that a strong database of around 1000 students of the nearby engineering colleges with more than 60% consistent academic record whom we can pull into the pool campus event.

High degree of hospitality can be expected from <college name> in terms of Transportation and Accommodation. Please acknowledge this mail on receipt and connect to the undersigned to take this proposal further.

***End of (Boring)Mail***

If you guys managed to get to the end of the entire mail, then kudos! You have the patience of a sage and it’s only a matter of time for that enlightenment gig.

You see, there are a number of (major) flaws in the mail. The first line is fine, it gets to the point and is perfect enough to establish when and where, but then the next line comes and then another and then another, taking them further and further away from what needs to be conveyed and quickly drains the interest of the reader.

The mail, drones on and on about how excellent the institution is, which will work for students/parents looking for admissions and not for a company that needs fresh, brilliant minds to eventually take them to greatness.

It’s probably true that there are some amazing kids studying with you who will someday change the world but let’s face it, no recruiter will have their eyebrows raised with interest, if you keep telling them about the college’s infrastructure and affiliations while leaving out the important selling points: The students themselves.

Frankly, they couldn’t care less about the size of the buildings or the hostel rooms. You need to be noticed and create an impression, and there are easy ways to do that. But first, here’re some serious no-no’s:

  • Don’t drone about the college
    A good introduction to the college is necessary and crucial but keep it as short as possible, maybe even a single paragraph or better yet redirect them to the college website. It’s fun to show-off but they don’t care about your pass-percentage record or four-storey buildings, if you don’t have what they’re looking for.
  • Don’t be a sheep
    “it gives me immense pleasure to introduce “college name” set up with a clear mission to pursue excellence in field of education and to adhere to the highest standards of academic rigor in all its work” Sound familiar? Do a quick search on the internet with these lines and you’ll get more hits than the Avengers 4 rumours. Don’t be repetitive in your mails and lose the recruiter at the first line itself. Get to the point and be original.
  • Don’t send out bulk mails
    Sending out bulk mails is easy and you get a lot of work done which is understandable and convenient. However, there’s a downside, you can’t be specific to an institution which inevitably makes it unoriginal, uninteresting and gives out the wrong vibe of being lazy. And that makes your mail: delete-able.

These things are crucial to be kept in mind while drafting a mail. The world is changing and people are busier than ever. Skimming through a mail is prevalent and it’s extremely important to highlight your selling point than your origin story. And if you can make an effective template using Superset, the problem is most certainly gone. Seriously, keep it simple, sir.