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Mailing a recruiter? Don’t be a sheep!

A university placement cell sometimes gets a bad rap, and that’s not cool at all. It is not uncommon knowledge that the placement cell (of any college for that matter) has been trying everything it can to get innovative, smart -and cool- companies to pick the best and brightest. Naturally, […]

Mailing a recruiter? Be the Alpha in the pack!

Recruiters receive hundreds of mails each day and sifting through them takes tremendous patience, a huge chunk of time and a magic wand, which they wish they had. Therefore, you can’t blame them if they don’t write back or assign it to somebody else (who would most likely ignore it […]

What Goes On Inside of A Placement Cell? Not for the faint hearted

Let’s be serious here, we’re sure you’d have heard the hustle-bustle leaking from the inside of a university’s placement cell but if you listen closely, you could also hear the near-silent cries of distress! And just when you thought you had it hard, imagine having to collaborate with companies, assuring […]

Introducing the Tnpsuite Mobile App for Android and iOS

The Tnpsuite Mobile App is here! While we understand that you have been waiting for this to happen for sometime now, we would like to tell you that it has taken us time only so that you could have the best. We are excited to announce the launch of our Tnpsuite app […]